Tour 12:30 - Itinerary

A general review about the ancient city, really important to understand later facts.

It's a must place to visit, in order to experience local life. The market stands 8 minutes walking from the mainsquare.

Nice wide stone pathways and colorful gardens, it's the heart of the colonial center.

Acllahuasi is a Quechua word that means house of the chosen women. The Acllas were the women with th best cultural preparation in the empire.

One of our additional or extra activities. We'll learn how to distinguish between differents quality of alpaca textil and how to actually recognize clothes made of alpaca wool.

It can be known as Coricancha, Qoricancha, Qorikancha or Koricancha and it was one of the most important and most sacred temples of the Inca empire. Its ruins are located in Santo Domingo Plaza in Cusco.

Qasana is a Quechua word. It means "Frost Susceptibility place" or "where the ice falls." In Inca´s time this palace was extended from the bank of the river Saphy to the palace Qora Qora

"Inca Roca", was the sixth Sapa Inca of the Empire of Cusco (beginning around CE 1350) and the first of the Hanan ("upper") dynasty.

It's an area quite different to the rest of Cusco. It's better known as the artisan's quarter, it's worth it to take the walking up.


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Meeting Point ~ Plazoleta Espinar (In front of "La Merced" church)